Latina Sex Therapist


Rekindling Desire

Barry McCarthy

Couple Skills

Matthew McKay PhD

Couples by Intention

Elliott Kronenfeld

Singles and

Loving Bravely

Alexandra H. Solomon PhD

Seeking Soulmate

Chamin Ajjan

Sex and

Better Sex Through
How Women Can
Cultivate Desire

Lori A. Brotto

Want to
yourself sexually?

Come As You Are:
Revised and Updated

Emily Nagoski Ph.D.

What You Really Really
Want: The Smart Girl's
Shame-Free Guide to
Sex and Safety

Emily Nagoski Ph.D.

Taking Sexy Back

Alexandra H. Solomon PhD

Come as you are
(the workbook)

The Come as You Are
A Practical Guide to the
Science of Sex

Jaclyn Friedman

For men

How to Overcome
Premature Ejaculation

Helen Singer Kaplan

Coping With
Premature Ejaculation

Barry W. McCarthy PhD

The Penis Book

Aaron Spitz

She Comes First: The
Thinking Man's Guide to
Pleasuring a Woman

Ian Kerner


The State of Affairs:
Rethinking Infidelity

Esther Perel

Everyone and Anyone

How Can I Get Through
to You? Closing the
Intimacy Gap Between
Men and Women

Terrence Real

Mating in Captivity:
Unlocking Erotic

Esther Perel


Trans Sex

Lucie Fielding

The Velvet Rage

Alan Downs PhD

The Joy of Gay Sex

Charles Silverstein